BSNL TTA 26 September 2016 Answer Key & Question Paper, BSNL JE Answer Sheet: Many postings are vacant in the BSNL telecom service. Based on the requirements, the government will issue the recruitment details to the public.  Now, they have announced the recruitment for the TTA /JE. The interested and eligible candidates can make use of this recruitment. BSNL JE 26 September Asked Questions key & Exam Analysis for the morning(1st Shift), Evening Shift(2nd) with the question submitted by different students.

BSNL TTA JE  Answer Key, Question Paper Analysis 2016 Date Wise Given Below.

BSNL TTA 26 September 2016 Answer Key

BSNL TTA JE Asked Questions on 26 Sep 2016

BSNL TTA Question Paper Analysis 26 Sep 2016 Answer Key:

They can apply through online mode. The exam authority will publish any details regarding the exam only on the official website. The official website of this BSNL is They can get any kind of details regarding the BSNL services on the website for BSNL JE Answer Key Analysis 26 Sep 2016 & Exam Review.

BSNL TTA 2016 question paper download

BSNL TTA 2016 Asked Questions & Exam Review

BSNL TTA Asked Questions on 27 Sep 2016

BSNL TTA 26 Sept 2016 Exam Questions are Uploaded by Our Team so Please Wait Because It takes time, If you have questions then submit in the comment or Write Review of Exam.

Official Website Link for BSNL Answer Keys 2016

BSNL JE Answer Key 2016 Date Wise 1st Shift  2nd Shift
BSNL TTA Question Paper & Ans Key Analysis 25 Sep  25/09/2016 Morning Shift Evening Shift Key
BSNL JE Question Paper Key Analysis 26 September 26/09/2016  Check Below Check Below
BSNL TTA Answer Key Question Paper 27 Sep 27/09/2016 
27 Sep. 2016 Declared
BSNL JE Question Paper Key Analysis 29 Sep. 2016
28 Sept 2016 1-2 Day
New-iconBSNL TTA Cut Off 2016 (Circle Wise, Date Wise) 29 Sept 2016 Update daily

They have to apply for the recruitment on or before the last date without fail. The Previous exam questions(25,26 Sep 2016) paper are help in next exam (27,28,29 Sep 2016), so keep reading the question and pattern that is Asked in BSNL Junior Engineer Exam that is running in different states.

BSNL TTA exam analysis on 28 Sep 2016

BSNL TTA Study Tips { Last Night Night }

BSNL TTA Online exam paper on 25 Sep 2016

Key Points That You Must Read Before Attempt BSNL TTA JE 2016 Exam:

Aspirants of BSNL TTA Exam Should Read the important points that are collected from different students, they already attend the exam and submit your review for those students that are going to attempt the exam in next dates. Best of Luck. For latest Updates Visit Official Website.

BSNL Junior Engineer exam review september 2016

  • In Part 1: Some student worried about General Knowledge that is known as Part 1, So Read the Basic Current G.K before 3 months. Some of the questions asked from 6-month-old G.K. (Full TTA GK Syllabus)
  • In Part 2: In Both Shift- 2-3 Question From Applied Maths, 1-3 from Applied Physics, 2 From DE(Simple like- No. Conversion),
  • In Part 3: Read Electronics, Transmission Line, Communication, Computer(C, C++, Theory Question like- language used in Artificial Intelligence), In Electrical Read Circuit O/P, Norton etc Basic Theorem.
BSNL TTA 29 September 2016 Answer Key
BSNL TTA 29 September 2016 Answer Key

Thank you for Reading! Here You can Check Our Other Stuff related to BSNL JE Exam.

BSNL JE 2016 Question Submitted By Students


  1. bhuvaneh

    Many wrong answers in 26 th afternoon batch please add me 8220535864

  2. Gavlesh Saini

    Hlo frnds may send send me the mail id of bsnl……..for sending the questions for correction……

    Plzzz it’s urgent…….
    Thanks in advance

  3. ravinder swami

    Hello friends,
    my exam was on 27.9.16. And I found 14 wrong questions. And I send all queries with 100% confirmed solotions from different autjorized books. So those who had exam on 27th –no need to worry.

  4. vinod

    vinod Says on 27/10/2016 12:13:59 pm :

    pls tell me following answers and name of test book and page number

    1)which of following not peripheral device?
    a)VDU b) CPU c) printer d) floppy
    2)which of following fastest memory cell?
    a )core memory b )semiconductor memory c )bubble memory d )super coductor memory
    3) floppy disk is
    a) primary memory b) cache memory c)nothing but hard disk d) used for backup purpose
    4) the word length of computers range from
    a)4-16 bits b)4-12 bits c)4-32 bits
    5)wwhich device converts a decimal input to
    a) accumulator b)encoder c)alu d)memory
    pls send me book name and author and page number required for bsnl je exam….
    thank for responding to my comment

    vinod Says on 27/10/2016 12:42:24 pm :

    In 8085 instruction ADD IMMEDIATE to ACCUMULATOR WITH CARRY is repersent by opcode
    a) ADC b)ACI c)ADD d)ADI

    when signal on reset in low which of following happen in 8085
    a)program counter is set to zero
    b) busese tristated c) MPU is reset
    d) all of above
    pls tell book name and author and page number
    thank you sir

    • ravinder swami

      Dont worry friend, I already send all explanations of these questions to BSNL…

      • vinod

        thank u frnd
        pls send the formate to my mail

  5. chandra prakash rai

    Add me in whatsapp group of 26 sept morning group plz 8577087886

  6. Goldy

    I am from 27th morning shift.
    Many answers are wrong.
    How to approach let us discusss.
    8595307587… Pls add me to what’s group of there is for 27th morning shift. Thanks

  7. Nadeem

    I am from 29 mrong shift plz add me in a group I have too many doubts… 9613815699

  8. vivek

    pls tell me how to send quries either by speed post or by some other means.

  9. vivek

    my shift is of 26 sep morning shift, pls add me in group from no.8305491896.there are apprx 15 wrong ques in my paper.

  10. megha

    i have paper on 27th morning please add me in whatsapp group 9417902001

    • Goldy

      I have also the same 27th morning shift.

  11. pankaj

    Sabhi ki anwer ki bahut galat hai….need to mail them….@ tell abt ……for that must creat whatup gp….no.9823317905

  12. shubham

    Attempted paper on 26th sept. morning shift
    Que: 29,53,577,71,77,101,117,133,134 and many other are answered incorrectly.

    7389239557, add me on watts app group

  13. shubham


    15-20 Questions are answered incorrectly….Que. 29,53,57,71,77,101,117 and many others
    I attempted the paper on 26th september.
    7389239557, please add me on watts app group.

  14. shubham


    15-20 Questions are answered incorrectly….
    I attempted the paper on 26th september.
    7389239557, please add me on watts app group.

    • Steven

      Hi me too have noticed many mistakes…….nothing to worry about BSNL is about to release the modified answer key…..if you have done good u will get it keep smile, if like to know more wats app me #9603048963

  15. shubham


    15-20 Questions are answered incorrectly, and even numericals also….
    I attempted the paper on 26th september.
    7389239557, please add me on watts app group.

  16. Amit Bhoyar

    Who publish the such answers key. I think he is a mentally retarded person who never attend engg classes.

    Please add me at whatsapp group

    • anklesh

      Bhai u just create a group and add me too …
      9903467399…..26th sem batch 1

  17. Shailu

    Whatsaap group for wrong answers
    on 28th sept 2016 exam evening shift…


    send query to bsnl for wrong answer


    for wrong answer send query to bsnl

  20. Swapnil suke

    Near about 15-20 questions are wrongly given in the given keys….those having 25 sept second shift send me your phone numbers.I will make watsup group.there we can discuss about them or you can message me your number on 9657869839

  21. bhupendra kumar pruseth

    Sir there are toomany wrong answer key in 29 -09-2016 afternoon session plz correct it plz sir

    • tanu

      i am from 29th samw shift…make a grp on wats app…wil discuss al ques..add me on 9168199266

    • ranjeet singh

      add me also ji 9465477564

  22. Dipankar

    In BSNL answer keys, many wrong answers they have given.

    • rahul

      Han bht wrong h

  23. Priya

    Is there any one 29th aftrn batch. Some answers given by bsnl is wrong

    • rahul

      Han mera tha 29 even abhi question no 2 , 16, 36,37,70,86,98,103,104 ke ans galat h aur abhi specilization check kar raha hu

      • tanu

        yes …make wats app grp fir 29th eveng shft..add me 9168199266

    • tanu

      yes …make wats app grp fir 29th eveng shft..add me 9168199266

  24. rahul

    pls share the 26th sep (1.00pm) answer key

    • Dipankar

      U can download it from ur bsnl tta acount by logging into it…..

    • sonveer

      bsnlo site se nikal lo.many question are wrong in answer key

  25. aryan

    26 morning shift so many wrong answer given in bsnl website answer key

    • Gani

      Yes Friend, Worried what would happen. Do you have any idea if they would be corrected?


      Yess bro we need to rectify the wrong answers as well as some questions were also not correct…so will I guys make a watsapp group for this

  26. aryan

    Bsnl tta answerkey uploaded so many wrong answer given plz chech it all and wrong ans send to bsnl office

  27. hiranmai indla

    will you please send me 26\09\2016 afternoon batch answer key

  28. poornima

    Pls send me the answer key of bsnl exam 26/09/16 afternoon batch

  29. taru

    plz shaRE EVENING SHIFT OF 29TH OCT 16

  30. taru

    plz share 29th evening ques

  31. Ashish

    Please post questions asked in 29 September morning shift…… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • MA

      1. eight catches caught by which 1st test player in a match.
      2 . kaziranga park is famous for
      3. antonyms of gainsay
      4. synonyms of kawish
      5. One who help mankind
      6. …………honest
      7 Mediterranean temperature
      8. GLONASS satellite belongs to which country
      9. passive voice of he said his father” please increase my pocket money”.
      10.16 international sanskrit conference held in which country
      11 . correct spelling of occasions
      12. time in Pakistan when Indian time is given
      13 . one aptitude question
      14. pardon in political offence is called
      15 . silk come from
      bro I remember these questions if you remember apart from these in part-1 please share.

  32. dev

    28-09-2106 ki evening shift ki answer key kab tab aayegi

    • prachee

      is there any issues with the ans key ? if so pls let me know


    is there anyone to discuss the 29th afternoon paper… reply me?

    • vijay daniel


    • taru


  34. durgesh meena

    Passive voice of
    He seems educated

  35. Durgesh meena

    Passive voice
    He seems educated what

  36. sonali


    • sachin

      ek commite ka question tha usme kun si commite ayegi

    • Durgesh meena

      What is the passive voice of
      He seems educated

  37. durgesh meena

    Ox plural what

  38. durgesh

    What is the plural of ox
    Bsnl tta paper

    • satya


    • suresh


    • Ck


  39. chandni

    Wein Bridge que,milimeter que hv no sense atol nd anyone cn solve dat enery of capacitor?

  40. SHOHI

    In BSNL JE exam the server is very slow and feel difficult while go to next question and same as previous one…. sometimes the answers was not saved after 2 making 3 clicks in the opions nly it saved…

    • Amol Kolhe

      28 th sep bsnl mrng shft que.

      1 closest planet to sun
      2 half gf writen by
      3 nargin dutt award given to
      4 skin specialist called as
      5 CE amplifire act as
      6 light is …. from metal
      7 snells law
      8 in ABCD parameter condition for symmetry
      9 8085 clk freq
      10 8086 clk freq
      11 highest priority intrupt
      12 alu consist of
      13 how many flags in 8085

      • Rahul Singla

        Chetan bhagat
        National integration
        Flag in 8085 five
        8085- 3Mhz
        8086 – 5Mhz

      • jay

        Bro some more questions

  41. nuvan

    Any idea u have about cut off ofvobc

    • abdul ali

      More than 150 general
      148 obc
      130 sc
      128 st

      • santosh

        When announce cut off marks

  42. harish

    In BSNL JE exam conducted on 26 sep, there are many incomplete questions, some questions are given with literally no meaning to answer, the answer options appear twice in some questions, and even the text and diagram given does not match with each other. The server is very slow, sometimes when we click on the answer and go to the next question, the previous answer has not saved. So, where should I raise the problem to tell the BSNL authorities? Kindly help me the same. Seeking reply the same.

    • anjaneyulu

      in one question, star-delta transformation figure is wrong.. in control system, question was incomplete in english… i noticed two these mistakes

  43. anu

    Any idea of obc cutoff..

    • abdul ali

      Aapke kitne marks aa rhe h
      I think for obc 148

      • sarath chandra

        key kisme deka bhai

        • abhay

          plz give me anser seet in abcd form of BSNL exam 29/09/2016

    • abhay



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