Kishangarh Bas Live Election Result 2018:- India is a Democratic Country where people have the Right to Vote. They can Choose their Representative because people are free to get. The Kishangarh Bas Vidhan Sabha Election are conducted by the election commission and Kishangarh Bas Assembly Election in Rajasthan will be conducted on 7th December 2018. After the elections on 7th December 2018, the Live Kishangarh Bas Election Vote Counting Election Result of Vidhan Sabha assembly elections will be declared on 11th December 2018. There are Total 200 Constituencies in Rajasthan and the Elections will be Conducted in Different Constituencies. These elections are conducted by election commission which has the responsibility of conducting them safely.

इस बार के किशनगढ़ बास विधानसभा क्षेत्र चुनाव के परिणाम बहुत ही रोमांचक रहने वाला है अभी तक मुकाबला त्रिकोणीय नज़र आ रहा है! बीजेपी उम्मीदवार रामहेट यादव, कांग्रेस उम्मीदवार डॉ कर्ण सिंह यादव, बसपा उम्मीदवार दीपचंद के बीच सीधा मुकाबला नज़र आ रहा है! आप के अनुसार कोन जीतेगा आप अपनी राय निचे दिए गए पोल पर वोट कर दे सकते है!

Kishangarh Bas Live Election Result 2018

After the elections, those who cast vote eagerly wait for the result. The result can be checked from the official website of election commission where all the detailed Kishangarh Bas Live vidhan sabha Electino Results will be provided about the elections. The किशनगढ़ बास विधान सभा रिजल्ट 2018 will also be available on the different News Channel like Times Now, CNN, IBN, India Today, Rajasthan News 18, NDTV, DD News, ZEE News, 24×7 Live Channel, Sahara Samay Live etc.  All the Statistics about the Kishangarh Bas Election Results 2018 will be presented on the official website of the election commission and on the various news channels.

✍ किशनगढ़ बास विधानसभा क्षेत्र, अलवर लोक सभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र के अन्तरगत आता है।
किशनगढ़ बास विधानसभा सीट में कुल वोटरों की संख्या 197,946 है। जिनमे से 93,441 महिला मतदाता और 104,505 पुरुष मतदाता है।

✸ विधानसभा चुनाव 2013 में किशनगढ़ बास सीट पर बीजेपी उम्मीदवार रामहेट यादव ने 14,816 वोटों के अंतर से जीत हासिल की थी।

किशनगढ़ बास विधानसभा 2018 के नतीजे 11 दिसंबर 2018 को घोषित किए जाएंगे।

Kishangarh Bas Assembly Elections 2018 Candidate List

Kishangarh Bas Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 मुख्य उम्मीदवार
Party Name Candidates Name
BJP Ramhet Singh Yadav
INC Dr. Karan Singh Yadav
BSP Deep Chand Khairiya

Kishangarh Bas Live Election Result 2018

Kishangarh Bas Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2018 Live Vote Counting

The people of India are provided the right to vote by the Kishangarh Bas Constitution of India. It is really important in the Largest democratic Country where people can vote the one they want their representative based on their earlier Records and Performance. The Kishangarh Bas Vidhan sabha Assembly Election will be held on 7th December and it is the Responsibility of the Election Commission to Safely conduct the Election of Vidhan Sabha. The Kishangarh Bas Live Election Vote Counting can be Checked on the Different News Channel and You can Stay Updated About the Kishangarh Bas Assembly Elections.

Year Winner Party Vote Runner-Up Party Vote
2013 Ramhet Singh Yadav BJP 71,354 Deep Chand Khairiya INC 56,538
2008 Ramhet Singh Yadav BJP 56,538 Deep Chand Khairiya INC 29,484

किशनगढ़ बास विधानसभा चुनाव परिणाम 2013

1. रामहेट यादव (बीजेपी) ➤ 71,354 (47%)

2. दीव चंद (कांग्रेस) ➤ 56,538 (37%)

3. सपत खान (निर्दलीय) ➤ 13,313 (9%)

किशनगढ़ बास चुनाव का रिजल्ट 2008 

1. रामहेट यादव (बीजेपी)- ➤ 31,594 (27%)

2. दीप चंद (कांग्रेस) ➤ 29,484 (25%)

3. शेर मोहम्मद (बीएसपी) ➤ 17,835 (15%)

विधानसभा किशनगढ़ बास में निम्न प्रत्याशियों ने नामाकंन किया है –

  • बीजेपी – रामहेट यादव
  • कांग्रेस – डॉ कर्ण सिंह यादव
  • बसपा – दीपचंद

Kishangarh Bas Election Result 2018 MLA Runner UP Voting List

The MLA winner and runner up voting list will be published on the website of Election Commission. Those who casted vote wait for the Kishangarh Bas Live Election Result 2018 Eagerly so that they can get to Know the Winning MLA Which can be Checked on where the authentic information about the Kishangarh Bas MLA Result of Kishangarh Bas Vidhan Sabha Chunav MLA Result Vidhayak Runner UP Voting List in Rajasthan will be provided.  Thus, the Kishangarh Bas Election Result 2018 will appear on the screen on 11th December 2018.

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