Live Counting of Lachhmangarh Election Result 2018 between Dinesh Joshi & Govind Singh Dotasara: India is a democratic country and if you are willing to cast a vote you have full right to do that. Instead, each and every citizen of this country has the full right to cast the vote to his or her favourite representative. Make sure that you check out the Lachhmangarh Assembly election 2018 websites that are official ones so that there is nothing that you will miss out. Each year Lachhmangarh election is conducted and there are many representatives who stand for the election. These Lachhmangarh elections are also held in different villages and that too under the total control of the Election Commission.

✍ लक्ष्मणगढ़ विधानसभा चुनाव में टक्कर हैं इस बार गोविंद सिंह डोटासरा और दिनेश जोशी के बीच

  लक्ष्मणगढ़ विधानसभा सीट में कुल वोटरों की संख्या 2,16,478 है। जिनमे से कुल मतदाता 1,62,513 हैं महिला मतदाता  & कुल मतदान प्रतिशत 75.07% हैं।

विधानसभा चुनाव 2013 में लक्ष्मणगढ़ सीट पर कांग्रेस पार्टी से गोविंद सिंह डोटासरा ने 10723 वोटों के अंतर से जीत हासिल की थी।

  लक्ष्मणगढ़ विधानसभा 2018 के नतीजे 11 दिसंबर 2018 को यहां पर लाइव अपडेट होंगे।

Lachhmangarh Assembly Election 2018 Live Counting

Those who are interested in Lachhmangarh election live counting can always log on to various sites and ensure that they are fully aware of the voting. The counting of voting starts at 10 am and the date at which the same shall start is December 11th 2018. On numerous news channels, that information about the voting is available and if you are willing to get full information of Lachhmangarh Vidhan Sabha Election result, you can always log on to those websites.

Lachhmangarh Election Result 2018

Through numerous sources, you will be able to get the Lachhmangarh election information and there is nothing to worry as all the things will be updated as and when the same happens.

Sikar Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 मुख्य उम्मीदवार
Party Name Candidates Name
BJP दिनेश जोशी
INC गोविंद सिंह डोटासरा

Dinesh Joshi V/S Govind Singh Dotasara Laxmangarh Vidhan Sabha Chunav Result Winner

It is always a fact the if you are eager to learn something about the Lachhmangarh Tehsil election there can be no better option than browsing the election result website. Cast your vote for the representative of your choice. You can continuously stay updated if you browse the Lachhmangarh election results live website like,, Counting of voting will take place on December 7th, 2018. All the things pertaining to the election shall be fully controlled by the Election Commission and the chief election commissioner has to properly follow the directions in order to see the whole Lachhmangarh election procedure is completed in the required form.

Year Constituency Name Winner Party Vote Runner-Up Party Vote
2008  Laxmangarh Govind Singh Dotasara INC 31,705 Dinesh Joshi IND 31,671
2013  Laxmangarh Govind Singh Dotasara INC 55730 Subhash Maharia BJP 45007
2018  Laxmangarh Update Soon

Live Lachhmangarh Tehsil Vidhan Sabha Election Result & Runner-UP List

Lachhmangarh Elections are conducted in various villages and in order to know anything about the voting an election one needs to log on to official sites as well as numerous television channels. You will also be able to view the Lachhmangarh election winner & runner-up results of the voting and come to know the candidate who has actually won the election. The chief election commissioner is the one who will take proper care of the same and there is nothing to worry about anything in Lachhmangarh Election. There is not a single chance for anything going wrong.

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