Dhod Election Result 2018 Live Counting in Vidhan Sabha Chunav with MLA Winner List, Runner-UP between Gordhan Verma & Parasram Mordiya: In all the countries election plays a vital role. Thus, in India as well you will always be able to cast your vote in a proper manner if you take care of all the things. The Live Counting of Dhod Election Result 2018 is for sure very important for any country as well as the state. So, it is very important that when you cast your important vote you need to cast it for the appropriate representative. So, you need to vote for the Dhod representative of your choice. If you are in any way willing to gather any information about the Dhod area voting you can always log on to www.ceorajasthan.nic.in , www.eci.nic.in, www.eciresults.nic.in.

Dhod Election Result 2018

Dhod Election Result 2018 Live Counting

Dhod Voting for sure plays a vital role and there is nothing to worry as all the things will be taken care by the Election Commission. This is considered as the supreme authority and you will never have to worry about Live Dhod assembly election results 2018 online and all the things pertaining to the elections will be heard properly by this authority. Browse this Dhod site and you will always get full information now and always. Try to view the above-mentioned sites in order to gain any type of information that you require.
Dhod Assembly Elections 2018 Candidate List

Dhod Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 मुख्य उम्मीदवार
Party Name Candidates Name
BJP गोरधन वर्मा
INC परसराम मोरदिया
माकपा पेमाराम

Parasram Mordiya V/S Gordhan Verma Dhod Election 2018 Winner & Runner-UP

All the candidates who have applied will also be waiting for the results. So, if they are also interested to know their Dhod Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2018, they should never miss out to visit the site. As and when the Dhod vote counting starts, the results keep on updating. Till all the voting counting is not completed one cannot guess in a proper manner as to who the winner will be. Each one should cast a vote and it is the right of every citizen. If you are not clear about something and if you wish to know the same you can open the above-mentioned sites and you can gain information that you want related to Dhod election.

Year Constituency Name Winner Party Vote Runner-UP Party Vote
2008  Dhod  Pemaram CPIM 47840 Parasram Mordiya INC 44695
2013  Dhod  Gordhan BJP 88668 Pema Ram CPIM 43597
2018  Dhod Update Soon

Live Vote Update Dhod Assembly Election 2018 Result & Vidhan Sabha Chunav Total Vote

CNN, IBN, NDTV are few channels where you will be able to get the Dhod election updated information. All these channels are authorised to show all the news that is pertaining to the voting and elections. Thus, if you are willing to gather any relevant information you will always get it on all the above mentioned sites for sure. Dhod Election Results play a vital role and so is the result of the same. So, view the live results at the earliest for full satisfaction. There are many representatives who stand for election.

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Website Name https://eci.gov.in/

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