Phulera Election Result 2018:- The Assembly Constituency of Phulera (GEN) is a seat of Jaipur district of Rajasthan. The Phulera assembly is a General Assembly seat of Jaipur district. It is part of the Jaipur Lok Sabha seat. The total number of voters in this assembly seat is 206798 and in the 2013 Phulera Assembly Elections, Nirmal Kumawat (BJP) won this seat by getting 84722 votes. He defeated his opponent by the difference of 24297 votes. The second place (60425) got Bajrang (Congress) with votes. A total of 154,289 Votes were Cast in the Phulera Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2018. Total 74.61% polling was held.

इस बार के फुलेरा विधानसभा क्षेत्र चुनाव के परिणाम बहुत ही रोमांचक रहने वाला है अभी तक मुकाबला त्रिकोणीय नज़र आ रहा है! बीजेपी उम्मीदवार निर्मल कुमावत, कांग्रेस उम्मीदवार विद्याधर सिंह एवं बसपा उम्मीदवार प्रकाश चंद के बीच सीधा मुकाबला नज़र आ रहा है! आप के अनुसार कौन जीतेगा आप अपनी राय निचे दिए गए पोल पर वोट कर दे सकते है!

Phulera Election Result 2018

The main contest in Rajasthan is between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress. Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and other smaller parties are also fighting for a good share of seats. In the last elections in 2013, where the Phulera BJP Vidhayak Nirmal Kumawat won and now see what happens in फुलेरा विधान सभा चुनाव २०१८ the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had won a majority in the 200-seat Rajasthan Assembly. Below You will Find Phulera Election Result 2018 as there are 34 SC and 25 ST seats out of the total 200 seats in Rajasthan Assembly.

✍ फुलेरा जिले के जयपुर ग्रामीण लोक सभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र के अन्तरगत आता है।
फुलेरा विधानसभा सीट में कुल वोटरों की संख्या 2,29,719 है। जिनमे से 1,08,334 महिला मतदाता और 1,21,385 पुरुष मतदाता है।

✸ विधानसभा चुनाव 2013 में फुलेरा सीट पर बीजेपी उम्मीदवार निर्मल कुमावत ने 24,297 वोटों के अंतर से जीत हासिल की थी।

फुलेरा विधानसभा 2018 के नतीजे 11 दिसंबर 2018 को घोषित किए जाएंगे।

Phulera Assembly Elections 2018 Candidate List

Phulera Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 मुख्य उम्मीदवार
Party Name Candidates Name
BJP Nirmal Kumawat
INC Vidhadhar Singh
BSP Prakashchand
CPM Banwari Lal Jat

Phulera Election Result 2018

Phulera Live Vidhan Sabha Election Result Vote Counting

There are 2 million 48 Lakh 46 Thousand 295 Male Voters and 2 Crore 28 Lakh 26 Thousand 329 Female Voters, while 238 are Transgender Voters. Below You will Find the Phulera vidhan Sabha election result at 11th December 2018 The total electorate of the state includes 20 lakh 29 thousand 680 young people aged 18 to 19.  There are 1,79,641 young voters in the district of Jaipur, the highest in the state, Also, Here we will showing the Live Phulera Election Results while Pratapgarh has the lowest number of 19 thousand young voters in the district. 4 Crore 76 Lakh 72 Thousand 871 Thousand Total Voters in the State will be able to see their Phulera Vidhayak or MLA as Nirmal Kumawat, Vidhadhar Singh, Prakashchand or Banwari Lal Jat.

Year Winner Party Vote Runner-Up Party Vote
2013 Nirmal Kumawat BJP 84,722 Bajrang INC 60,425
2008 Nirmal Kumawat BJP 59,140 Hari Singh INC 56,430

फुलेरा विधानसभा चुनाव परिणाम 2013

1. निर्मल कुमावत (बीजेपी) ➤ 84,722 (54.91%)

2. बजरंग (कांग्रेस) ➤ 60,425 (39.16%)

3. चांद मल (बीएसपी) ➤ 2,869 (1.86%)

फुलेरा चुनाव का रिजल्ट 2008 

1. निर्मल कुमावत (बीजेपी) ➤ 59,140 (25.7%)

2. हरी सिंह (कांग्रेस) ➤ 56,430 (20%)

विधानसभा फुलेरा में निम्न प्रत्याशियों ने नामाकंन किया है –

  • बीजेपी – निर्मल कुमावत
  • कांग्रेस – विद्याधर सिंह
  • बसपा – प्रकाश चंद
  • आप – दिलीप अग्रवाल

फुलेरा विधान सभा चुनाव MLA Result Winner & Runner UP Voting List

The Tenure of Rajasthan Assembly Ends on January 20, 2019. The Last Date for Filing of Nominations was November 19 and Scrutiny of Nominations was on November 20, 2018. Last date for Withdrawal of Candidature was on November 22, 2018. Live Voting of Phulera 2018 Election MLA Result Winners & Runner – UP Voting List will Take Place on December 7 and Counting of Votes is Scheduled for December 11, 2018. As Per the Election Commission, the Election Process must be Completed before December 13, 2018. Phulera Election Result 2018 of all 200 seats in the Rajasthan assembly election 2018 will be announced on December 11, 2018.

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