RSMSSB NTT Syllabus 2019:- Download Rajasthan Nursing Training Teacher Syllabus or RSMSSB NTT Exam Syllabus PDF In Hindi @ & RSMSSB Pre Primary Teacher Exam Pattern 2019 – Women and Child Development Rajasthan is filling Application forms for the Pre Primary Teacher post from September to Oct 2019. All the candidates who are going to fill up the form to participate in the examination need to prepare hard for the exam. So here we came up with RSMSSB NTT Teacher Syllabus 2019 Download PDF in Hindi for you all. The official has updated RSMSSB Pre Primary Teacher Syllabus 2019 for 1310 vacancies at the Official Website.

RSMSSB NTT Syllabus 2019

RSMSSB Pre Primary Teacher Syllabus 2019
Subject Topics
RSMSSB NTT Syllabus 2019 For Hindi संधि और संधि विच्छेद
 सामाससक पदों की रचना एिं समास -विग्रह
 पयागयिाची शब्द एिं विलोम शब्द
 शब्द युग्म
 शब्द-शुद्धि
 अशुद्ि शब्दों का शुद्धिकरण और शब्दर्त अशद्ुधि का कारण
 िाच्य: कतिगताच्य, कमगिाच्य और भाििाच्य प्रयोर्
 क्रिया: सकमगक, अकमगक और पूिकग ासलक क्रियाएं
 िाकयांश के सलए एक सार्गक शब्द, मुहािरेऔर लोकोक्कतयााँ
 अंग्रेजी के पाररभाविक (तकननकी) शब्दों के समानार्गक हहंदी शब्द
Rajasthan Pre Primary Teacher Syllabus 2019 For English Tenses/ Sequence of Tenses
 Voice: Active & Passive
 Narration: Direct & Indirect
 Transformation of Sentences
 Assertive to Negative
 Interrogative
 Exclamatory & Vice-versa
 Use of Articles and Determiners
 Use of Prepositions
 Translation of Simple Sentence from Hindi to English and Vice-versa
 Correction of Sentences including Subject
 Verb Arrangement
 Degree of Adjectives
 Connectives and words wrongly used
 Glossary of official
 Technical Terms (with their Hindi Versions)
 Synonyms-Antonyms
 One Word Substitution
 Forming new words by using prefixes and suffixes
RSMSSB NTT Teacher Syllabus Topics For Science  Elements, compounds and mixtures,
 physical and chemical changes
 Oxidation and dysfunction reactions
 Dual catalyst, metals, non-metals and
their major compounds
 Some important compounds used in
normal life
 Reflection of light and its laws
 Dispersion of light
 Types of lenses
 Defects of vision and their corrections
 Electricity, Electric Current, Ohm’s Law
 Electric Cell, Faraday’s laws of
electromagnetic induction
 Electric Generator
 Electric Motor
 Human Brain, Hormones
 Human- Disease causes and cures
 Economic Importance of animals and
 Sources of Energy
 Ecosystem
 Preliminary Knowledge of digestive and
excretory sustain in human
 Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
 Fermentation, Kreb’s cycle
 Glycolysis
 General Terminology related to
 Mendel’s law of inheritance
 Structure of DNA and RNA
 Structure Chromosome
 Sex determination in human
 Endocrine glands and hormones in human
 Type of Vitamins and its deficiency
 Composite of blood
 Blood Groups, Coagulation of Blood
 Structure and function of hearts
 Antigen, Antibody
 Biopatent
Rajasthan Nursery Training Teacher Syllabus 2019 For History Major sources of history of Rajasthan
 Major prehistoric civilizations of
 Major Dynasties of Rajasthan and their
 Mughal-Rajput relationship
 Key Features of Architecture
 Important forts, monuments and
 Religious movements of Rajasthan and
folk goddesses
 Major painting arts from Rajasthan
 Styles & Handicrafts
 Major works of Rajasthani language and
 Regional bids, fairs, festivals, folk music,
folk dances
 Instrumental & Jewelry, Rajasthani
 Tradition and Heritage, Important
Historical Tourist Places
 Major personality of Rajasthan
 Prince States of Rajasthan and British
Treaty, 1857 mass movement
 Farmer and Tribal Movement, People’s
 Prince States of Rajasthan and British
Treaty, 1857 mass movement
 Farmer and Tribal Movement, People’s
 Rajasthan’s integration, Rajasthan’s
political awareness and development –
in the special context of women Syllabus 2019 NTT Exam For Rajasthan Geography  Desert region, Aravali mountain region,
 Plateau region, drainage system,
climate, soil
 Natural Vegetation, Forest and Wildlife
Conservation, Environmental and
Ecological Issues
 Desertification, Agricultural Climate and
Major Crops
 Livestock, Multi-purpose projects,
Irrigation projects, Water conservation
 Transportation, Mineral Properties

Rajasthan Pre Primary Teacher Exam Pattern 2019

Above we discussed important topics of RSMSSB NTT Syllabus 2019 Online from Now RSMSSB Exam Pattern For Pre Primary Teacher is explained here.Candidates if you need to crack the exam then they have to look at the exam pattern. Check the RSMSSB NTT Syllabus 2019 Exam Pattern 2019 below.

RSMSSB NTT Exam Pattern 2019
Subject Name Time
General Science 3 Hours
General Mental Ability
Nursery Training
General Intelligence and Reasoning
General Hindi
General English

RSMSSB NTT Syllabus 2019

नोट:- Rajasthan NTT Syllabus 2019 की अपडेट के लिए आप हमारे साथ निरंतर जुड़े रह सकते हैं। RSMSSB Pre Primary Teacher Syllabus 2019 Download PDF का लिंक इस आर्टिकल में निचे दिया गया हैं जहा से आप सिलेबस देख सकते हैं।

RSMSSB Pre Primary Teacher Syllabus 2019 in Hindi Pdf

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