Today RRB NTPC Mains Questions, RRB NTPC 2nd Stage Questions, Exam Review, RRB NTPC Exam 2019 Questions Answer:-
Railway Recruitment Board is organized the RRB NTPC Mains Exam 2019. The overall Exam Paper are Intermediate Level. Today RRB NTPC Mains Questions With Answer key and Paper analysis and RRB NTPC Exam Paper 2019 Review  1st, 2nd, 3rd Shift are Given here. To know more about the exam read this full article.

Today RRB NTPC Mains Questions:-

The questions are collected from students that attend the RRB NTPC Exam 2019 the different centers and diff. zones like-RRB Ahmedabad, RRB Secunderabad, RRB Kolkata, RRB Bhopal, RRB Allahabad, RRB Ajmer, RRB Patna RRB Allahabad, RRB Bangalore, RRB Chennai, RRB Chandigarh etc.

Today RRB NTPC Mains Questions

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1.The power of Lens is measured by?

2.India’s Oldest dam?
Ans:- Kallanai Dam, also known as Grand Anicut. It still serves the people of Tamilnadu, India.

3.International Yoga day celebrated on?
Ans:-June 21st.

4.SI Unit of electric charge?
Ans:- Columb.

5. Who is the Father of Indian space?
Ans:- Vikram Sarabhai.

6. Which country in the world has the maximum number of robots working?
Ans:- Japan.

7.The capital of Denmark?

8.first Indian hockey player to awarded Padam Shri?
Ans:-Balbir Singh Dosanjh.

9.January 4th Independence day of which country?

10.Ajanta and Ellora cave are located in which state?

11.The device used for locating submerged object sunder sea is?

12.2018 winter session Olympic game venue?
Ans:- PyeongChang, South Korea.

13.First Indian lady to won gold in Asian games?
Ans:-Kamaljeet Sandhu.

14.Name of the Dog who first goes to space?

15. India’s satellite launch-pad is located at?
Ans:- Shri Hari Kota.

16.India’s Oldest dam?
Ans:-Kallanai Dam, also known as Grand Anicut. It still serves the people of Tamilnadu, India.

17.Rabindranath Tagore got the noble prize in which year?

18.Which country gifted statue of liberty to the USA?
Ans:- France.

19.Ethanol is obtained from?

20. Polio vaccine was discovered by ?
Ans:- Dr. Jonas Salk.

21. Which astronomer wrote the Aryabhatiya?
Ans:-Aryabhata I.

22.No. of fundamental duties?

23.Another name of the computer chip?

24.2015 French open winner?
Ans:-Stan Wawrinka(Men), Serena Williams(Women)

25.How many players in kho kho?

26. DMK party is founded by whom?
Ans:-Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

27.2 largest country in respect of land area?

28.Study of birds is called?

29.U.N climate change meeting held in which place?

30.smallest planet?

31. Which blood group is called the “universal donor”?
Ans:- “O Group”.

32.Did Buddha attain enlightenment at?
Ans:-Bodh Gaya.

33.Polio vaccine is developed by?
Ans:-Jonas Edward SalK.

34.Father of space research?
Ans:-Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai.

35.Instrument to detect object under water?

36.First governer general of free India?
Ans:-Lord Canning.

37.Ornithology is called ?
Ans:- Study of birds.

38.A group of dolphin is called?
Ans:-School or Pod.

39.First Lok sabha speaker?
Ans:-Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar.

40. How much blood is in the human body?
Ans:- 5.7 liters

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RRB NTPC Mains Analysis

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